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Tiles it can hide in

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral. It was commonly used for much of the mid-century until 1990 as an electrical insulator, fire-resistant material that could strengthen almost anything it was mixed with.

When disturbed it can become dangerous, as the asbestos fibres are very small and can be inhaled and lodged in the lining of the lungs. According to The Canadian Lung Association, it can take 20-30 years fully manifest and for people to start showing symptoms.

It is impossible to cure, and lung damage is permanent.

Asbestos Abatement needs to be done by licensed professionals who can safely remove and dispose of it, it is not a DIY.

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Where can it be found?

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renovation concerns

The fiber was banned by the Canadian Government in 1991 from import, manufacture, sale, and use in Canada. However, there are still several Buildings and Homes that may have materials that contain Asbestos.

These can be hiding in various spots and would not be a health concern until the area is disturbed. If you have renovation concerns for work that will be done on your property in areas that are Insulation Filled, or have Vinyl Floor titles make sure you have a professional review of your building and confirm it is safe.

Below is a list of areas where  it can hide:

Asbestos Fiber

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How to remove Asbestos

Not a DIY

When it comes to Asbestos Removal, it is best NOT to do it yourself.

Every asbestos removal job received a risk factor as low, moderate, or high based on the amount of asbestos in the material, and where the material is located.

The Sure-Seal team is certified to clean up all levels, and we look after the cleanup and safe disposal of materials and follow the government of Alberta guidelines for the removal and disposal of all Asbestos related materials.

Our team at Sure-Seal Contracting has proper Asbestos Removal Certification. We will make sure the area is properly sealed off with polyethylene film, tape, and machines with HEPA filters.

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Our team of experts prides itself on providing top-notch Asbestos removal. We are experienced in all risk levels of cleanup and will get your building/home clean and safe.

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