Bridge Girder Replacements

Project: Bridge Girder Replacements
Location: County of Athabasca
Site Name: Tawatinaw River Bridge
Service Type(s):
Bridge Repair


Bridge Girder Replacement BF 8236


This bridge over the Tawatinaw River serves the community of Perryvale in the County of Athabasca, so maintaining one lane of traffic at all times was critical. The bridge repair project involved the removal of 55 precast PG girders and replacement with 50 precast HC girders as well as repair work on the abutments and piers. While the start of the project was delayed due to County approvals, Sure-Seal was able to perform the work efficiently and complete the project on time. Foundation:  Timber and cap beams Bridge deck:  Timber Highway loading Gravel roadway at bridge ends

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