We help you meet code and pass inspections. 

We provide a wide range of services that increase the performance and safety of buildings, roofs, floors, roads, pavement and other services.  We have years of experience working with a variety of systems and situations, including:

  • Brick re pointing, cutting and wall pinning

  • Polyurethane, ceramic and RTV Foam fire stop materials

  • Swing stage and tie in installation

  • Specialty coatings, balcony and deck membranes

  • Building Envelop Visual Assessment - BEVA

  • Parkade and Traffic membrane systems

  • Curtain wall glazing, anodized frame and glass repair

  • Epoxy and security sealants

  • Bridge Repair

  • Concrete sealers

  • Epoxy injections for concrete walls and floors

  • Concrete slab repair and epoxy grouting

  • Precast patching and repair

  • Firestopping