Window Caulking services in Calgary, Alberta

Sure-Seal Services

Sure-seal is an industry-leading window caulking company with an expert and experienced workforce. Our services are geared towards the detection and repair of damaged window seals. Your window may start to leak due to various reasons, much of which results from exposure to weather conditions over a long period. The cracks created then allow air to flow in and out of the home through the window spaces. Making you spend more to balance home temperature. To this end, we use modern and meticulous techniques to spot any window air leak and provide waterproof & airtight caulking repairs.

Be it reconstruction, home maintenance, or new structures, we are always on hand to perform top-quality window caulking. We are a choice contractor offering affordable yet professional caulking services without leaving any mess behind. Our clients are never “just business” to us. Instead, we strive to deliver a satisfactory job that is long-lasting and top-notch.

For commercial and residential structures, Sure-Seal offers comprehensive caulking services at any scale. After power washing or sandblasting a commercial edifice, the window will require re-caulking to fix the gaps created. Similar to residential structures, the use of caulking in commercial facilities transcends repair, it makes structures aesthetically pleasing. The lines created by caulk are attractively outlined on the window frames and other surfaces where it’s applied. Caulks come in a variety of colours and we work with you either as a residential or commercial building owner to pick an appropriate type. At Sure-Seal, we deliver precise, fitting, and top-notch caulking services. You stand at the heart of our quality service, and as such, our skill & experience are aimed at providing detailed caulk application and repairs in all settings.

Sure-seal ensures your windows undergo debris removal and taking off old caulks. This enables the new caulk to attach firmly and precisely, filling the air leaks. Coupled with airtight windows, our clients enjoy a neat and new finish. The interior feels warmer as heat remains within, and vice versa in the summer.

Review over the years complimenting our excellent projects includes a quieter room as an added benefit.

Our team of professionals is on standby to attend to caulking service promptly. They are well trained in the aspect of human interaction such that your need is well discerned. As they advise, they look to deliver the best by working meticulously to achieve an excellent job.

Our caulking services cover:

Educational facilities
Condos & Apartments
Religious places
Residential Edifice
Agricultural Facilities
Retirement Homes
Medical Facilities

Window Caulking

In recent years, window caulking repair is fast becoming a common way to seal openings and cracks on windows. It’s an approach to curb the loss of heat within the home. In winter especially, more bills may be incurred to maintain inside temperature if there are leaks on the window frames. 

Why Caulk Windows?

Leaks and cracks can cause an imbalance in home temperature. Heat loss in cold weather is one reason why caulking windows suffices to avoid spending excessively on heating. Additionally, these openings can likewise disturb room temperature in other seasons as excessive hot air can flow inside. These combined reasons make caulking a popular practice. Other reasons may include: 

  • mould Development 
  • Eyesore Stains
  • Unwanted Insects Find their way Inside 

All of these necessitate the need to caulk and re-caulk windows and doors to prevent such problems. As these are unwanted in a residential setting, the same is applicable in a commercial structure. A neat and beautifully designed interior and exterior of a workspace adds value and speaks well about a brand.   

Caulking Window

Sure-seal’s wealth of experience in tandem with quality service delivery in window caulking projects is an assurance of the quality we offer.  

Our approach involves a couple of steps. Of course, there is a bit of technicality to it, however, all of the procedures are handled by experts. 

Our methods include but not limited to:  

  • Inspection 
  • Choosing Materials 
  • Checking the weather forecast 


It’s imperative to inspect a property and check for leaks. Caulking is not a decorative exercise, so we put earnest effort to spot areas of the house that need repair. We assess windows for openings and damaged castings. Besides, we estimate the time required to interior & exterior window caulking repair all the windows needing repair. 

Choosing Materials

We choose the best and most durable materials for this home improvement process. First, caulking tools are modern to apply a neat bead of caulk fluid to seal off spaces. The team of skilled workers at Sure-Seal uses these premium quality tools in the appropriate way for proper caulking. 

Next is the type of caulk to use. Caulks are available in an assortment that is applicable in different circumstances which usually is seasonal. Below are the few common types with different waterproof capacities. 

  • Acrylic Latex 
  • Siliconized latex
  • Silicone caulk 
  • Polyurethane caulks 

At sure-seal, we employ the use of good quality sealants(caulk products) to achieve a strong adhesion that stays intact for years. The part of a home is considered when the sealants are utilized for interior or exterior window caulking repair

Check the weather forecast

One of the best practices when properly caulking a home is to ensure favourable weather. To this end, we check the weather forecast for the day chosen. 

The caulk requires a good period of about a day to dry fully. Additionally, humidity must be minimal to ensure the caulk achieves the purpose for which it was intended.  

Applying the Caulk

Caulk application involves some steps that may seem technical on the surface but not to our experienced team. We follow appropriate caulking procedures when applying caulk to your windows. 

Garage doors, sliding glass doors, windows, and fronts doors with cracked seals are filled with foam. As old caulks are removed, and cracks develop, foams are expertly utilized to fill the spaces before high-quality caulk is used. Neat beads of caulk are adequately and expertly applied.    

When to Re-apply Caulk

Caulks wear out after years of use. Since it’s s not permanent, caulk must be reapplied to curb the adverse effects of weatherization and loss of insulation. We highly recommend a five-year caulk replacement to the clients we work with because the seals weaken after such a long period. Additionally, some windows may have likewise accumulated moulds which are dangerous to the health.   

However, our expert advice is that if for any reason the seals of your window develop a crack before the suggested period, then you need to re-caulk windows and doors; it’s a good maintenance strategy. 

Re-caulking should not be delayed as the openings on the broken seals do not affect just insulation but as well allow specks of dirt to accumulate. Well-caulked home space is the proper way to ensure constant home improvement. 

Why Do I Need Professional Caulking Service

Caulking is essential to stay healthy and to prevent spending excessively on home repairs. If cracks are neglected for too long, the window frame is affected and starts to deteriorate leading to costly extensive repairs. Moreover, if you own a commercial center, professional caulking does more than keeping a property in excellent condition. It also serves as an avenue to improve the elegance of the property. Professional caulking is performed with precision and well designed to add a touch of class.   

With the advent of DIY, it’s easy to assume there are no technicalities involved in caulking. However, a poorly or wrongly applied caulk affects the aesthetics of the surface. More than that, fog may start to form on the window — signifying a leak that overtime causes heat loss. Hence, Sure-Seal encourages employing professionals who are experienced and who caulk regularly for any caulking service in the home. 

Auxiliary Uses of Caulk

The conventional and popular use of caulk is for sealing spaces/broken seals at the edges of a window. Albeit being somewhat technical, there are other ways to use caulk on your windows and in masonry in general. Broken window seam, frames, sills, and door frames can be repaired using caulks. Without skillful handling, it’s easy to make a mess of the process and smear the windows with adhesive. Cracks unlike spaces need a more precise application of caulk and a neat wipe of excesses on the window. Else, it becomes more of havoc than repair. While you may succeed with the repair, you’ll most likely do an ugly job unless you get acquainted with this maintenance process. 

Overall, the importance of window caulking should not be underestimated as it is crucial to saving on utility bills. Technical as caulking may seem, our team is conversant with the processes involved and will do a neat and effective job. We keep in mind the importance of inspection to spot air leaks, and the need to remove debris from the surface to be caulked. 

Our goal is to deliver quality to ensure you spend less on bills and enjoy a temperature-balanced home.