Brazeau Dam Spillway Concrete Rehabilitation

Concrete Rehabilitation Project

Sure-Seal Contracting Ltd. recently finished work on the Brazeau Dam Spillway Concrete Rehabilitation Project at the Brazeau Reservoir Spillway.

The Brazeau Reservoir is a large man-made reservoir in Alberta, Canada, located southwest of Drayton Valley.

It was developed along the Brazeau River, at the confluence with Elk River, in the hydrographic basin of the North Saskatchewan River.

The Brazeau Plant is a 355 MW hydroelectric plant and produces an annual average of 397,000-megawatt hours of electric energy. It is also a Provincial Recreation Area upstream from the dam with 3 campgrounds around its shores.

Dam Repairs

Dam repairs are needed as dams, like any other structure, will wear over time. The Brazeau Dam was originally constructed around 1963 and the power plant was completed in 1965.

There was an extensive inspection completed on all portions of the dam and spillway, looking at all the elements that needed repairs.

Sure-Seal started the project in August 2022 with a team of 6 skilled workers and a project manager. We were contracted to perform the following repairs on the Brazeau Spillway:

Flip Bucket Restoration

The flip bucket was found to have vast damage to the exterior walls, rebar and surrounding concrete. As you will see from the images below the damaged areas were in need of extensive repairs.

Sure-Seal and our team, built scaffolding around the area and completed repairs to the 31.2m2 of damaged areas including:

The hole that was in the flip bucket area required a total of 5.6 m3 of concrete to be replaced. In the video, you will see the repairs in progress starting at the 0:45 mark and you can watch our team complete the repair.  

There are over 1400 dams in Alberta alone, and only 130 of those are owned by the Government of Alberta. The other 1200 are owned by:

If your company owns or operates a dam/canal that is in need of concrete rehabilitation or repairs, contact Sure-Seal Contracting today. You can reach us via email at [email protected], call 403-265-8677 or complete our form on the Contact Page.

We want to send a thank you to all the staff involved in getting these spillway repairs completed. Finally, a huge shout out to Iain Munro of IHM 360 Aerial Photography / Videography for his amazing drone work compiling of the video.