Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints

Installing Expansion Joints​

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Roof Expansion Joint

Allow Natural Movement

Building expansion joints are essential components that allow for the natural movement and expansion of building materials due to:

  • temperature changes
  • moisture variations
  • structural settling.

These joints help prevent damage by accommodating these changes, reducing stress on building components, and ensuring the building’s longevity and safety.

We are experts at installing expansion joints to ensure safety and maintain the integrity of construction materials in buildings, bridges, pavements, and other surfaces and structures.

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Proper Expansion Joint Application

Types Of Joints

There are several types of expansion joints, each designed to suit specific applications and accommodate different types of movement.

The primary purpose of expansion joints is to prevent the build-up of stress and strain within a structure that could lead to cracking, distortion, or failure. By providing a flexible connection between two adjacent components, such as two sections of a bridge or a building, expansion joints allow for movement in a controlled manner.

No matter what type is needed, Concrete Joints, Stone Joint, Fire Rated Joints, Modular,  Bridge Deck, Expansion Joint Covers, Sure-Seal surely knows what is best to use depending on the project.

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Bridge Expansion Joint

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