Fire Rated Roof Expansion Joints

Fire Rated Expansion Joint

Roof Expansion Joints
Firerated Expansion Joint

Roof Expansion Joints

Roof expansion joints are responsible for safely absorbing temperature-induced contraction and expansion of two structures. In other words, an expansion joint should also work as a fire barrier/Firestopping.

A home or commercial property relies on construction integrity to ensure the safety and security of every individual residing or visiting the infrastructure. The reason people need to make sure structural design is sturdy is to avoid life-threatening damages from any accident or natural calamity.

The gaps between two separate buildings joined together can cause more than just temperature-induced contraction. It can also cause leaks, concrete degradation, and unnecessary wear that costs $$$ to repair.

Let’s talk about your building and we will make sure you have the right product to keep you safe. 

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Essential Element

Are Expansion Joints Essential?

In the building construction process, expansion joints, wall expansion joints, fire barriers, and fire-rated expansion joints are essential because they are designed to relieve stress on building materials.

Stress on building materials is caused by thermal expansion, contraction caused by temperature changes, sway caused by wind, static load deflection, live load deflection, and seismic activities.

The gap between walls, decks, slabs, roofs, fire rated joints, and other materials needs to be filled for fire-proofing and waterproofing. When these gaps are filled, it can also soundproof the expansions and work as an air and fire barrier.

To put into simpler terms—Expansion joint systems are used to bridge and fill the gaps between building assemblies, while also accommodating expected calamities and movements.

In other words—it keeps the integrity of a structure and keeps people safe.

And if there is one company in Alberta and western Canada that is dedicated to safety— it is SURE-SEAL!

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Best Materials

Firestopping Application
Fire Stoping Materials

Clients Timeframe 

Not only are we dedicated to safety, we care about the client’s timeframe and always strive to plan and execute quickly.

Because we use modern methods for expansion joint fire barrier and caulking repairs—it does not take up much of our clients’ time to do the work. This allows clients to save time as well as money on labour and materials.

Our company relies on the best people in the business, and on the best products for sealing and fireproofing expansion joints.

Our materials bond instantly for more durability as concrete slabs and walls contract.

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We understand that any structural design’s objective is to keep the tenants safe from life-threatening damages caused by natural calamities. This is typically the most significant difference between professional contractors and amateur work.

Get professional help with sealing and caulking your structure, building, apartment, and any other type of property.

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