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The parking structure is an integral part of a business, affecting customers, clients, and employees.

Parking structures face a variety of challenges including heavy traffic patterns, water, weather, and time, which can create cracks, compromise expansion joint strength and pose major safety and structural concerns.

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Parking Structure Deterioration

There are a few signs that can indicate whether your parking lot structure needs repairs:

  1. Cracks: Look for any cracks in the concrete or asphalt. Small cracks may not be a concern, but larger ones could indicate a more significant issue.

  2. Water damage: Water damage can be caused by poor drainage or leaks. Check for any water stains, puddles or signs of moisture. Water can weaken the structure of the parking area, leading to bigger problems.

  3. Spalling: Spalling is the flaking or chipping of the surface layer of concrete. This can be caused by a number of factors, including weather, poor quality concrete or exposure to chemicals. Spalling can lead to more significant damage if not repaired.

  4. Uneven surfaces: Uneven surfaces in your parking area can be caused by poor construction or shifting soil. These can create tripping hazards or damage to vehicles.

  5. Fading paint and markings: Fading paint and markings can make it difficult for drivers to navigate your parking structure, increasing the risk of accidents.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to contact Sure-Seal and have our team inspect your parking structure. We can determine the extent of the damage and whether repairs are necessary. Regular maintenance and inspections can help catch issues early and prevent more significant problems from developing.

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