EMSEAL Wall Expansion Joints

Building structures is a very meticulous process. It might look straightforward, especially for simple building designs, but there is much more to worry about when it comes to adding integrity for the longevity of a well-built structure. And with that being said, building owners and commercial building managers should only choose a contracting company they can trust.

Improper sealing of structures when expansion happens can cause many problems in the future. When expanding a structure, there are many things that need to be addressed—and some of those things are proper execution, proper sealing of gaps, and of course, choosing the suitable materials.

Here at Sure-Seal, we make sure that every client is satisfied with the work we put in. We like to make sure that every single detail is planned thoroughly and use the best materials for quality craft—all while being punctual and quick with the execution.

With that being said, when it comes to the roof to wall expansion joints—we choose EMSEAL products. EMSEAL is a company that manufactures the best roof expansion joints and pre-compressed sealants that make the job easy for us and make our clients happy!

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Sure-Seal Contracting LTD. has been serving Calgary and Western Canada since 1982. With almost 30 years under the company’s belt, we served and completed thousands of projects with 100% success and happy clients all over the Alberta area.

Our services include…

Caulking and Sealant Services

We specialize in using many different caulking systems, and we can install or replace standard sealants with high-density traffic sealants. Our caulking services are not only limited to commercial spaces and buildings, but we can also provide caulking and sealant services to residential homes.

Basically, the company name couldn’t have said it better—We are SURE-SEAL, and we can surely seal any window and exterior structure to protect the people inside.

Expansion Joints and Expansion Systems

Sure-Seal consists of a team of experts in installing expansion joints. We take this service and all of our services pretty seriously to ensure the safety and maintain the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, pavement, and other surfaces and structures that have gaps to be filled.

To put it into simpler words—Sure-Seal is here to fill the gaps… Literally

One of our services is to create roof expansion joint systems. These are essential parts of a building that can prevent leaks, fires, and other elements that can cause deterioration to a structure. Without a reliable roof expansion joint, the structural integrity of a building can decrease and cause unnecessary wear to an otherwise perfect structure.

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What is a Roof Expansion Joint?

A roof expansion joint is a roofing membrane that is designed to seal joining roofs and walls. It is supposed to be airtight and provide a waterproofing and firestopping element to stop any leaks that may cause unnecessary wear on buildings. Many manufacturers create expansion joints, but only a few pass Sure-Seal’s standards when it comes to design and effectiveness.

The best roof expansion joint design should have longevity and practicality in mind. It should not only fill cavities on joining walls or wall to roof joints but it should also be designed to seal and protect the walls and roofs from leaks and other elements that can cause wear on a structure.

It should be designed to seal—and that is what the company is all about. Here at Sure-Seal, we only choose the best sealants, caulking, and expansion joint materials.

The Emseal Roof Expansion Joint PDF and other Emseal products are some of our go-to suppliers when executing projects. Because of its high-quality design and effectiveness—Emseal products are in line with our vision… High-quality workmanship, SAFETY, and structural integrity!


The Emseal Roof Expansion Joint features a patented dual-seal design. It is a double-flanged and extruded thermoplastic rubber system that is made for sealing expansion joints in roofs, plaza assemblies, as well as greenhouses and other types of garden roofs.

It has maximum water tightness, thanks to the positive integration with its roofing membrane. It is specially designed to transition between the joints between two roofs or roofs and walls.

The best thing about its design is its looped membrane. It adds significance to its waterproofing capacity, thanks to the smart and innovative loop design.

Here are some other notable features that make the Emseal Roof Expansion Joint a well-trusted and reliable product for sealing gaps for roofs and walls.

Double-Level Flange

The double-level flange design allows for multi-layered and watertight integration with the roofing membrane. It simply adds an extra layer of protection and sealing to ensure the structure is twice as safe from leaking.


The Emseal RoofJoint Expansion Joint features a folding design that makes it more versatile and designed to fit most spaces. Again, because of its Double-cell design and configuration, it provides two levels of sealing. The shape is well-thought-of to ensure maximum sealing and stop penetration without causing too much strain on the material—ultimately making it last longer than other roof expansion joint systems in the market.

Emseal RoofJoint Expansion Joint System Features

Here are some of the other features that make this product one of the best and most reliable expansion joint systems in the market:

  • High Movement
  • Redundant Sealing
  • Double-Level Roof Membrane Integration Flanges
  • Redundant Fastening
  • Redundant Adhesion, Welding, and Termination Bar
  • Factory heat-welded transitions at crosses, tees, roof-to-wall, and more
  • Extra watertight for most wet situations
  • Unique design that accommodates roof to wall expansion
  • Stable against UV
  • Built with different material variations to accommodate welding and other application methods
  • You can add fire rating with the Emshield DFR
  • The system comes with everything you need for installation, such as the termination bar and fasteners

Emseal RoofJoint Expansion Joint Applications

Aside from its standard applications, such as roof to roof and roof to wall, this Emseal Joint can also be used for softscape plazas, split slab hardscape decks, and many more. It is an effective and versatile joint that has many applications—which is why Sure-Seal approves this Emseal Joint, as well as other Emseal products.

Here is a complete list of the uses for the Emseal RoofJoint Expansion:

  • Sloped Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Garden, Greenhouse, Vegetative roofs
  • Plaza deck
  • Split slab hardscapes
  • Roof to wall joint transitions
  • Horizontal colour seal
  • PVC roofs
  • Other non-roof applications
  • Rubber roofs
  • Torch-applied roofs
  • TPO roofs, and many more

Emseal Expansion Joint Transitions

Emseal Joint Systems also make these excellent expansion joint transitions essential for ensuring safety, a sealed and energy-efficient building envelope. The design of this expansion joint transition is pretty seamless, which is excellent for sealing transitions from roof to wall and more.

With this expansion joint system transition, it is now possible for designers at Sure-Seal to wrap an entire building envelope for multiple safety precautions. The continuity of the seal is essential, especially if a building is old or if you want to prevent it from getting old too quickly.

Why Emseal has the Best Roof Expansion Joint Design

Emseal joint systems feature one of the best roof designs, especially in today’s standards. Pre-compressed joints for the roof and walls make the design of this SJS system one of the best. It makes execution quicker as the popup will close automatically when installed. Plus., the seismic colorseal roof joint closure also looks very appealing when in uniform.

New buildings should definitely use designs like the Emseal Joint to protect the building and add an extra layer of safety and security—and make the expansion joints look more seamless for excellent construction.

For inquiries and quotations for building, bridge, parking structure, fire rating, waterproofing, and other sealing needs—make sure you use Emseal products and choose a company that will properly install and execute once your project list has loaded…

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Sure-Seal Contracting LTD.

Just like Emseal, Sure-Seal is a contracting company that shares the same vision—which is safety. Creating buildings is a serious job that shouldn’t be entrusted to just anyone. It should be executed by a company that has been in the game for decades, only serving customers with the best service—and that is none other than Sure-Seal Contracting LTD.

Why Choose Sure-Seal?

The answer is pretty straightforward. It is because Sure-Seal is simply the best in the business. The company consists of experts in the field, meaning there is no question about sealing and expansion joints, safety, bridge repairs, fire stopping, and caulking that the company cannot answer.

Serving Calgary, Alberta for Almost 30 Years

The company has been around serving Calgary and Western Canada since 1982, and experience is the thing the company is most proud of. It’s not just the experience, but it is about the past clients that we’re satisfied with the quality of our work—and it is evident that the company is still up and running—and stronger than ever.

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