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Concrete Joints

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Concrete Expansion Joints

Sure-Seal provides Concrete Expansion Joints and stone expansion joints,  installation services for small and large-scale projects. They are the ultimate solution to all the problems related to concrete assemblies.

Concrete is not able to stretch but moves due to certain thermal effects. Consequently, it can shrink and expand in different parts of the building in various ways. We ensure a particular integration of concrete expansion joints in peculiar building sites.

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what are concrete Expansion Joints?

Joining Concrete

Concrete expansion joints separate slabs and concrete from the rest of the structure. They allow free and independent movement between:

  • concrete slabs
  • walls
  • adjoining structures

They are responsible for providing a place for expansion and lessening the cracking chance if assemblies don’t allow concrete to expand freely.

Weather conditions and external environmental factors can affect the building material in construction. Due to heat and cold, concrete expands and contracts. A 4-inch Expansion joint help withstand thermal expansions and contraction effects without putting pressure and stress on your building. 

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What Materials Are Used

Dowels for Expansion Joint connections
Dowelled Expansion Joint

Save Building Structures

Concrete Expansion Joints are responsible for saving building structures that can collapse due to materials’ movement during seismic activities. 

In concrete floors, the sealer protects joints from damage due to heavy loads driven by it. The loads cause chipping and cracking of joints from the edges if they are not properly sealed, leading to concrete failure.

Various types of materials are useable for forming concrete expansion joints in slabs.

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Purpose of Expansion Joints

Prevent Cracking

The purpose of installing an expansion joint is to prevent cracking due to thermal expansion and contraction. A concrete mixture contains fluid, gravel, and cement that can mould into different shapes. The material hardens after use in construction because the fluid evaporates. As a result of evaporation, the material along with hardening experiences contraction.

Supporting structures such as granular fill, soils, and adjoining slabs make contraction difficult. They exert tensile stress up to 8% to 12% of concrete’s compressive strength and cannot withstand pressure. The weakest point of concrete can break when experiencing unnecessary stress. As a result of tensile stress due to contraction, the assembly starts cracking at random points.

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Prevent Cracks

Repairing Concrete Expansion Joints

crack in expansion joint
Concrete Crack

Concrete Cracks

When the weather is cold, the concrete contracts, so we chose a cool day to repair concrete expansion joints. We use a putty knife, vacuum, chisel, or compressed air to remove accumulated dust and debris. 

Concrete cracks appear due to the extra pressure exerted by the movement of materials. Concrete expansion joints prevent cracking.   

Sure-Seal ensures replacing the cracked concrete slabs and repairing the expansion joints like they were never damaged. They also specialize in repairing cracked joints in roads, offices, and large buildings and sales repairing products.

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Sure-Seal provides the best solution for the problems related to construction. They provide the best team of contractors in the town who know how to satisfy the client with quality work. Therefore, for high-quality materials and services, Sure-Seal is the best recommendation.

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