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Building Envelope Maintenance

A building envelope works as a protective shield between the interior and exterior world, helping prevent burglary or vandalism and other environmental hazards. The envelope consists of many physical components, including the wall structure, the roofing, caulking and glazing of doors and windows, and the floor.

Building envelope maintenance helps keep the property safe and warm, separating the indoors from the outdoors. However, the importance of sub-systems in a building cannot be overlooked. These affect the performance of the building envelope as well. 

Importance of Building Envelope Maintenance – Checklist

No matter how strong a building envelope is, buildings require restoration and maintenance at a certain interval of time. Many procrastinate on the rehabilitation program until there is an architectural or structural issue – which can be due to natural causes or material deterioration. Professional building envelope services help maintain the perfect outlook and construction. 

Experts suggest the key to designing a repair strategy is inspection. Detecting the problem and thorough assessment of the existing condition of different components is essential to avoid any project complication. Plus, proper documentation of the data and the findings will help the envelope contractor to address the source of poor performance. 

Annual or biannual maintenance of building envelopes prevents severe damage in the future. It will save the owner a lot of money as repair costs in the long run.

Other than the primary cracks, stains and spall on the concrete materials, there are many factors to consider. 

  • Visual and infrared surveys of roof structures

    Over time, buildings’ roof drainage systems can get clogged with dead leaves and dirt condensation. It can lead to a puddle or mold infestation in the attic. Waterproof membranes on the roof and balcony should be checked from time to time. 

  • Inspection of the interior and exterior wall components

    Water infiltration is a stumbling block to any functional building. It is a consequence of worn-out sealants, brittle brick joints, and weak mortar bridging. 

    In industrial and commercial building envelopes, there are already a significant number of holes for plumbing, electricals and air exhausts, which need extra attention. Technological failure in installing the weather-proof building papers may also result in water and air leakage. 

  • Copings and flashings

    Building envelope contractors and building envelope specialists should double-check the conditions of flashing and copings and the interface between the different types of cladding elements during the roof inspection.

  • Door and window operations

    Damaged weather stripping, or old caulkings, and window glazing putties isn’t something anyone would want. To avoid that, use technology to seal every door and window perimeter from outside climate effects. 

Building Envelope Restoration Services Available in Alberta

Almost every building envelope specialist in Alberta will offer standard maintenance solutions, like:

  • Replacement of walls, windows and curtain walls
  • Water damage repair services and mold inhibition on rooftops
  • Structural rehabilitation of balconies and decks (wood and concrete)
  • Cladding and concrete restoration 
  • Interior finishes like – re-caulking and re-glazing of windows and doors
  • Plumbing and electrical services

Since 1982, Sure-seal has been a credible and established name among the building envelope contractors in Calgary. 

The building envelope repair team has expertise in various caulking and sealant systems and expansion joints installation. They provide standard to high-density sealants for a wide range of applications, including windows and doors, commercial building envelopes and curtain walls, parking structures, and residential complexes

Plus, the Sure-seal team are experts in repairing fire-rated roof expansion joints, elevated roadways, wabo crete expansion joints, interior and exterior wall and ceiling joints, emseal and stone expansion joints and more. 

If you are near Calgary, feel free to contact us at (403) 265-8677 for any building envelope repairs assistance. You may as well submit your query, and we will get back to you shortly. We are one of the building envelope companies you can trust.