Fisher Bridge Replacement Project

Fisher Bridge

The latest Sure-Seal project is the replacement of the Fisher Bridge located on the Crowsnest river just east of Lundbreck Falls.

Although the 80’ single-span pony truss bridge built in 1927 is in great condition it is the abutments on both sides have failed, as a result, the bridge had been unsafe for motor vehicle traffic and has been closed for the last three years.

A recent non-destructive test (NDT) had been done on the behalf of the MD of Pincher Creek and the result shows that the steel truss system is in good condition, as a result, the bridge WILL be salvaged.

As the structure will be removed in one piece it will be repurposed for the use of either private ranch land, forestry back country roads or offroad motorized club applications. 

Alberta Environment Legislation

In compliance with Alberta Environment Legislation for fish and game, Sure-Seal will repair and replace the old abutments in preparation for a new longer single-structured bridge.

New Bridge

The MD of Pincher Creek has approved the new bridge which is a prefabricated steel bridge system manufactured by the built by Algonquin Bridge, which is based in Ontario.

The engineered bridge has been shipped in component pieces that will be assembled on-site and installed in one piece.

This new accelerated bridge construction system enables the bridge to be built and installed in 30 days.

Above are some pictures of the new bridge peices that have been shipped and will be assembled. 

There are over 4600 bridges throughout the 31,000 km of highways in Alberta that are owned privately or by the government. 

Sure-Seal has been fortunate to work with Ian Munro again, he is taking some drone footage of this project. Stay tuned for the updates over the following weeks.

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