Installing Fire Rated Roof Expansion Joint

A home or commercial property relies on construction integrity to ensure the safety and security of every individual residing or visiting the infrastructure. The reason people need to make sure structural design is sturdy is to avoid life-threatening damages from any accident or natural calamity.

When creating and building an expansion joint, it is absolutely vital to select a trustworthy company. Expansion joint assembly is designed to hold two parts together—but that is not the only thing they are designed for. These roof expansion joints are also responsible for safely absorbing temperature-induced contraction and expansion of two structures. In other words, an expansion joint should also work as a FIRE BARRIER.

But that is not all. The gaps between two separate buildings joined together can cause more than just temperature-induced contraction. It can also cause leaks, concrete degradation, and unnecessary wear that costs $$$ to repair.

People want the job done once, and that is it. Although concrete degradation is inevitable—it is still best to SURELY SEAL roof expansion joints to stop leaks, stop fires from spreading, and stop unnecessary wear that causes unnecessary spending.

For Fire Expansion Joint installation in the Alberta area, there is only one company that can do the job right the first time. For repairs, installations, fire-rated wall expansions, and more sealing services.

You can call SURE-SEAL Contracting. We have been serving Calgary and Western Canada since 1982, and we don’t plan on stopping giving top-notch quality service to clients in need of SEALING Needs! Call us at (403) 265-8677 for questions and consultations—We are more than happy to serve you like what we have been doing for almost 30 years!

Why Are Expansion Joints Essential?

In the building construction process, expansion joints, wall expansion joints, fire barriers, and fire rated expansion joints are essential because they are designed to relieve stress on building materials.

Stress on building materials is caused by thermal expansion, contraction caused by temperature changes, sway caused by wind, static load deflection, live load deflection, and seismic activities.

The gap between walls, decks, slabs, roofs, fire rated joints, and other materials needs to be filled for fire-proofing and waterproofing. When these gaps are filled, it can also soundproof the expansions and work as an air and fire barrier.

To put into simpler terms—Expansion joint systems are used to bridge and fill the gaps between building assemblies, while also accommodating expected calamities and movements.

In other words—it keeps the integrity of a structure and keeps people safe.

And if there is one company in Alberta and western Canada that is dedicated to safety— it is SURE-SEAL!

Why Firestopping is Vital

Firestopping is not generally noted in architectural documents because it is rare for them to put firestopping methods in detail. However, SURE-SEAL is a firm that goes into detail when it comes to firestopping. It is the company’s expertise, and our team has been doing it for years. Our plans not only have something to do with overall safety, but it also makes plans to execute a clean and tidy job that passes inspection for reducing labour and material costs.

Why Choose Sure-Seal?

The real question here is… Why not?

Sure-Seal has been in the game for almost 30 years, and the company does not look like it is about to slow down any sooner. Sure-Seal is a company that consists of experts at installing expansion joints and other services. If there is one thing the company is most dedicated to—IT IS SAFETY!

With decades of experience under the company’s belt and thousands of satisfied clients—the company can provide superb work in installing a fire rated expansion joint and expansion joint fire barrier that gives clients a sense of security.

Sure-Seal is a company filled with experts in installing expansion joints that ensure safety and maintain the integrity of the construction materials for buildings, bridges, and more structures.

Here are some of the services the company offers:

  • Bridge Deck Systems
  • Parkade Decks
  • Elevated Roadways
  • Fire Barrier Systems
  • Architectural Joint Systems
  • Interior Wall and Ceiling Joints
  • Exterior Wall Joints
  • Interior Floor Systems
  • Compression Seals
  • Seismic Seals
  • Evazote
  • Armoured Joints
  • Roof Expansion Systems, and many more….

Cost and Time Efficient

Not only are we dedicated to safety. The company also cares about the client’s timeframe and always tries to plan and execute quickly. Because we use modern methods for expansion joint fire barrier and caulking repairs—it does not take up much of our clients’ time to do the work. This allows clients to save time as well as money on labour and materials.

We Use Permanent Materials

Our company relies on the best people in the business, but we also rely on the best adhesion and sealing products for sealing and fireproofing expansion joints. Our materials can bond instantly for more durability as concrete slabs and walls contract.

Our Team of Experts

SURE-SEAL consists of a team of experts that pride themselves on every job that they do. We provide firestop specialists that are capable of handling any project—whether it is simple or challenging. Our team is also associated with the FCIA, meaning we can handle all scopes of firestopping.

How Can We Help

Sure-Seal is an experienced collective of experts in filling the gaps. We install wall expansion materials, horizontal or vertical fire expansion joint systems, interior and exterior services, and all your sealing needs. Expansion joints tend to leak when waterproofing membrane fails. The water can run through the cracks and cause CHAOS! Water is not the only problem. Fire can also pose a threat to improper firestopping.

Building owners should think about hiring professionals in the business to provide fire-proofing services and caulking services that go with the specifications of a particular structure. Because different buildings vary with their requirements—hiring a company that really knows what they are doing is important!

But there is no need to worry because SURE-SEAL comes up with waterproofing and firestopping solutions.

Solutions that have been proven to work for satisfied clients for almost 30 years, and here they are:

Using UL Systems to Prevent Fire Spreading

Filling the gaps between expansion joints is essential. But our company already knows that, and our team of experts use UL methods that prevent the spread of fire in typical areas of concern. We use the right type of fire caulk and impregnated foam to create a string fire barrier—and put them in the right places, according to UL standards.

Right Way Firestopping

We use up-to-date repair methods

Working your way into walls is a pretty tedious job, but because of our modern solutions—we don’t need to complicate the process. Can inject liquid caulk through finished wall expansions for a faster, but thorough job to prevent fires and leaks.