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Project: Langdon
General Contractor: ISL Engineering
Location: Langdon, Alberta
Site Name: Langdon Pedestrian Bridge
Service Type(s):
Bridge Building


Design and Construction of Pedestrian Bridge


This project is very similar to the Nose Creek Park Pedestrian Bridge replacements.  Atlantic Industries fabricated the bridge for Sure Seal.  The project consisted of the preliminary and detailed design and construction of the pedestrian bridge and pathway including the location and alignment of the bridge.
The bridge crosses a drainage ditch in Langdon, Alberta and care was needed to be taken to avoid utilities overhead and underground.  The selected structure consisted of a structural steel truss w/wood deck supported on steel cap beams supported on screw piles.

Span of bridge: 12m
Foundation: Screw piles with steel cap beams
Bridge deck:  Timber
Loading: Pedestrians
Paved pathway at bridge ends

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