BEVA Inspection – Downtown Calgary

BEVA Inspection

Sure-Seal Contracting Ltd. recently finished a Building Elevation Visual Assessment (BEVA) inspection on a building in downtown Calgary.

An assessment of the building envelope was completed with both an assessment with staff on the ground and expanded our investigation by using a drone, piloted by IHM Management Consulting.

Our team found the following details of the building:

Primary Roof: Modified Bitumen
Materials: Asphalt, reinforced layers
Primary Walls: Perimeter east, west, north & south
Materials: Precast concrete

The building was found to be compliant with the BEVA Report requirements for the City of Calgary.

However, we did find that there were a few deficiencies in the roof that would fall within general maintenance/housekeeping.

Sure-Seal Contracting was able to view some items from the drone inspection that discovered some items such as:

  • Misc Loose Objects
  • Unsecured wood
  • Vegetation growth

While these findings did not have an impact on the BEVA report, knowing these items gives the building managers notice of potential dangers. This way the building management can get these items cleaned up before they become an issue.

We were also requested to assess the loading dock, which was outside the scope of the BEVA report. It was found to have a few deficiencies in the loading dock area and showed cracks in the concrete.

The term skyscraper was first used in the late 19th century with buildings of 12 storeys or more have been considered skyscrapers. According to, there are over 400 buildings in Calgary that would fit into this category. Many of these buildings are over 10 years old and would fall under the BEVA requirements.

If your company owns or operates a building in Calgary that is 5 storeys or greater and over 10 years old, contact Sure Seal Contracting today. You can reach us via email [email protected], call 403-265-8677 or complete our form on the Contact Page.